St. Augustine Grass in Damon, TX

King Grass Farm is a premier provider of St. Augustine grass to property owners and landscapers throughout Damon and Guy, TX and the surrounding areas. We’ve been cultivating this turf-type grass for decades and understand not only how to properly nourish it, but how to help our customers get the very best results from replanting it. We aim to be the foremost St. Augustine grass supplier in the region, bringing you a premium product and the information you need to care for your grass.

  • Thick, Carpet-Like Coverage

    It’s hard to beat the hardiness, lusciousness and reliability of St. Augustine grass. This variety is a staple all across Texas and its preferred by many homeowners for its many great properties. It doesn’t just develop into a healthy, verdant lawn—St. Augustine also grows thick to crowd out weeds and make lawns look more consistent. And, like most temperate grasses, it tolerates scorching summer temps and draught periods, keeping its color for extended periods of time.

    • Heavy crowding and carpeting
    • Requires heavy sun and good drainage
    • Heat, drought and traffic tolerant
    • High maintenance and nutrient requirements
  • Convenient St. Augustine Grass Blocks

    Rather than selling rolled-up or stacked turf like other St. Augustine grass farms in and around Damon, TX, we treat our customers to the very best product. We cut our 16″ x 24″ blocks to-order, fresh, so you’re guaranteed best results when transplanting.. Tell us how much you need and we’ll make sure it’s all cut prior to pickup.

    Our St. Augustine grass suppliers are happy to work with homeowners, landscapers and property contractors, filling orders of any size.

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King Grass Farm is ready to cut to order, no matter how much you need. Our St. Augustine grass farm welcomes large orders and smaller requests, and price our Bermuda and St. Augustine grass competitively to ensure you’re getting a premium product at an exceptional price. Contact us today at 281-866-1935 to discuss your order needs and pricing.