Bermuda Grass in Damon, TX

Bermuda grass is one of the most popular types of grass in Damon, TX because it’s known to thrive in our temperate climate. King Grass Farm has been growing this variety for decades, and we understand what it takes to keep Bermuda turf growing strong and looking lush. Let our Bermuda grass suppliers help you reinvigorate your lawn with Bermuda grass and keep it looking spectacular through all seasons for years to come.

  • Convenient Bermuda Blocks

    As the area’s premier Bermuda grass supplier, we sell fresh-cut 16″ x 24″ blocks—never rolled. We’ve found that not only do fresh-cut blocks tend to thrive quickly in their new environment, the grass roots better. Just tell us how many blocks you need or what kind of footage you’re working with and we’ll cut your order for convenience. We work with Damon, TX homeowners, landscapers and property contractors alike.

  • The Ideal Warm-Season Grass

    Bermuda grass is right at home here in Texas! It’s a resilient, persistent grass that’ll thrive in just about any conditions—even drought or scorching heat. It roots well in sandy and clay soil alike, and is very easy to transplant because of its hardiness. It grows rapidly and needs routine maintenance to keep it in check. If you’ve been having issues getting your lawn to stay green, lush and thriving, your troubles will disappear with Bermuda grass!

    • Dense covering and hearty consistency
    • Requires heavy sun and good drainage
    • Heat, drought and traffic tolerant
    • High maintenance and nutrient requirements

Bermuda Brings Lawns to Life

King Grass Farm is the St. Augustine and Bermuda grass supplier Damon and Guy, TX property owners and landscapers trust for a quality product. We only cut our grass fresh to order, and we welcome order quantities of all sizes—including smaller orders that other farms might not fill. Contact us today at 281-866-1935 to discuss your needs.